Why Veronica?


Because I believe Christ’s encounter with Veronica to be one of the most powerful moments of Christ’s Passion, I have chosen “Veronica’s Veil” as the title to this blog. It is to me a foreshadowing, of sorts, to Jesus’ salvific journey. 

Before neighbors, government and church, Veronica removed her veil. She removed this garment about her, exposing her identity, and ignoring the limitations given her gender.  She belonged to no one; she was a child of God.  

With her eye on Jesus, she was bold in her action, stepping out from the crowd to go to Him.  She was the light of humanity that day.  She went to Christ and she offered Him her veil.  This garment that protected her, hid her, she gave to Him.  She did what we all want to do now.  She offered Jesus comfort, she helped Him, she publicly acknowledged Him. She was humanity’s shining star. 

Veronica held the face of God, as He placed His image in her hands.  She who was created in His image, received His created image. As if to be an encouragement that we are worth it, she gave herself, and in a few more steps, at the Cross, our Savior gave her everything.

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