Polar Bears and Monstrances

E2F7B0A8-7826-4295-8E34-AC0D0BD16E0CI watched the Priest raise the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator, our God, adorned by a Monstrance. I thought, this is all we got?  What an inadequate adornment, how diminutive a display for the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, my Lord and my God.  What a paltry response is our Amen.  Does God just settle for what we give Him?

As I prayed, I thought about a picture that my preschool son had colored.  It was a polar bear, yep, pretty sure.  He is no artist, but he tried to make the best polar bear he could.  He makes things all the time, and I love them.  I love it, because what he lacks in artistic ability, he makes up  for, over and above, in love. His inadequate demonstration of artistic ability pales next to the expression of his heart.

Hmmm, often the extraordinary is found in the ordinary, 

I guess our hearts do the rest.  It is our responsibility to elevate the Eucharist with the response of our souls, and respond with an amen with every bit of mindfulness we possess.  I’m sure our Lord looks on us, and doesn’t see how inadequately we edify Him, in our physical demonstrations, in words, art or postures.  He may not notice at all, because it’s our hearts and souls that He sees; not our inadequacies,  …at drawing a polar bear

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