I can remember as a kid anticipating the visit of an older sibling coming home.  It may have been waiting for their car to pull into the driveway, or watching their plane land at the airport, it was always an event.  My mother could hardly wait, and favorite foods would be prepared, family gatherings planned.   Birthdays and holidays were celebrated early or late, while they were home, to include family, who lived away.  There were prolonged embraces, and every minute was cherished, 

A mother’s heart is stirred by a child in the womb, or a whimper or giggle in the night.  Whether it’s a door that opens or footsteps on the stairs, there is a rush of excitement when I am about to see my kids.  It is so good!  I am at peace, when my children are near…the world seems right.  All I need is their presence, and I have found joy. 

Me with my little capacity to love, can have such immense silent stirrings, when my children are near. 

800548D5-7CEB-417C-8FB0-671C4E9FC91BOur Lord has a limitless capacity to love….what do you suspect is His reaction when we are home, or spiritually available to Him, especially at Mass?  He is always present to us, but I think, often we sit in our pews and wave, rather than engage and truly encounter.  How painful that would be to get a wave from a child, rather than an intimate visit in body, mind and spirit. So, I guess that’s my choice.  Do I want to simply be present and seen, or do I want to encounter and embrace.

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