This is the Day


We had been “waking up”, since 5:00 A.M.  “Son go back to bed, it’s too early to get up”…. 5:30…5:59, ok I give up.”  He climbed into my bed, and I wrapped my arms around him.  He said in a quiet voice, “This is the day!”  My thoughts went to Easter Vigil, “This is the night.”  I laughed and squeezed him a little tighter and said, “It sure is!”

My dear boy was receiving Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity for the first time in Holy Communion that day.  This is his Holy Thursday. He then said, “I’ve been waiting, since kindergarten for this.”  Not his whole life, but a specific time.  There was a moment as a five year old that he understood, and longed for Jesus in the Eucharist. That is so cool!!!  

On his First Holy Communion Day, I again, brought my son to the altar.  The first time was to give him to his Father, to mark him as His own in Baptism. Now, I entrusted Our son to his God once more.  I returned him to His Creator and Church.  I presented my little boy to Jesus, and asked Him, to place His very Self in my son.    This is my vocation, my inner calling, my soul’s ardent desire and inmost objective, to bring my child to Christ, in fact all of my children.  I am unable to adequately express the magnitude of this day, as his mother.

I know it will come so fast, but also in perfect timing, I will be bringing him to the altar again, on his Confirmation Day.  Our Creator will be offering Himself as Spirit to my future, not so little boy.  I am grateful for this day.  I am delighted in our Catholic Church that in her Wisdom she offers the Trinity to her children in these Sacraments.  

Dear boy, your Mother is full of tears this day, tears of pure joy!

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