CF094911-B769-49EF-A5DD-2696B0BA866EI quit wearing earrings, when I started having babies.  It only took a couple of eager pulls of a baby’s fist full of earring to persuade me. That a shiny, sparkling, or colorful bob was too much temptation, and so easily in grasp to resist.  I think shiny things come in many different forms, some good and some bad.  That thing that we desire, that draws us, it gets us excited enough to reach out and pull, without much thought to what that means to the world around us.  Shiny things have draw, but seem innocuous, and they can be depending on who is grabbing it.   

Spiritual experiences, or highs, are good, unless your faith  becomes dependent upon them.  Friendships and relationships are good, if they don’t pull you towards temptation or away from Truth.  An earring is good, if it’s not being pulled from your ear.

When I was young, I had the opportunity to pilgrimage to Medjugorje Yugoslavia.  It was reported that Our Lady was appearing there.  I felt called to go, but it was also very “shiny” to me.  How amazing would it be to experience a miracle there.  My Uncle said to me, “ Why are you going?  There isn’t anything there greater than Who is in every Tabernacle in every Catholic Church.”  Aaah now I could go, because I had received a proper perspective of “shiny”.

I think shiny things can be dangerous. They can distract us from our purpose, very possibly a great purpose, and cause us harm. I pray that I can always see things dull, when placed next to the Light.

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