8AA90ED1-8A3B-4CDE-9EDF-C273A3674363We all have gifts of different natures.  One isn’t better than the other, but I’ve recently encountered a “caregiver”.  A caregiver is the one, in my opinion, who notices a need.  Mother Mary noticed they needed more wine at the Wedding Feast at Cana.  Veronica saw Jesus, and was moved to care for Him.  As caregivers, we see what is needed.  I hurt my back once and had to miss a family day at the fair.  My son, 6yrs old, came to me and said, “Mommy, I would rather you stay home and get better, than go to the fair.  I don’t want you to get worse.”  I didn’t need permission to stay home, but knowing he wanted me well, above all, made my staying home easier.  He saw my need.  It’s not necessarily service, but it’s seeing the human condition first.  Mother Mary realizing the embarrassment of the wedding host, Veronica recognizing Jesus’ loneliness, my son seeing my anguish.  

I think it’s in the noticing.  You may bring someone a glass of water, because you were asked, or it’s your job, that is service.  To do it because you notice that someone has been surrounded by people, who want to speak to them, and they can’t get away, on a hot day, that is a caregiving.  

I think of our Lord and how he cares for us.  I believe it can go unnoticed, so subtle are His ways. The people who happen into our lives, we may identify as coincidence, but are there, because the Master saw a need, and sent a servant to us.  I think again about the Wedding Feast.  Today, I am greatly appreciating the caregiver recently placed in my life.  You see deeper than the surface, and have made me feel truly noticed.  It is your gift, and I thank God for His care, and sending you to me.

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