“They Departed”

Fr Kulway's First Mass 5-22-2016 - 004 - Version 3

I was encouraged to start a blog, because of my journal writing.  I prayed about it, and decided it was in God’s will for me.  It is one of the most difficult tasks, I’ve done, sharing my personal reflections, on how God moves in my life.  It makes me vulnerable, expressing moments of my spiritual journey, in a public way.  Even if it’s not widely seen, the fact remains that I have shared it, it’s available to the eyes of the world.  It has not gone unnoticed.  Like many endeavors in life that God calls us to, satan takes note. He looks for an opportunity to pounce… a place we feel exposed.

St John Vianney was tormented by satan every night.  He heard confessions for 16 hours a day, and had the gift to read souls.  Satan took note.  I think, when we enter into God’s will, the spiritual battle of this world can become very real.  Our beds may not rattle, or levitate, like St. John Vianney, but we encounter obstacles to our mission, to discourage us.  I also believe that once the culprit is identified, once we know who our enemy is, the battle is half won. Satan is cunning, “prowling like a lion”, trying to be unnoticed, and deceiving.

“The demon is very cunning, but he is not strong. Making a Sign of the Cross soon puts him to flight… when I made the Sign of the Cross they departed.”

St John Vianney

I think it wise, before we want to abandon something that becomes difficult, or seemingly unfruitful for the Kingdom, we check the tall grass, around us, for that lion….and take comfort, in the power of God,  in the sign of the cross.


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