Little Things

I remember as a child, I knew the spot where it would happen. I would get excited, as we approach the location. Dad would speed up a bit, we would crest the hill, then it felt like my stomach would rise and fall quickly. It was such a thrill, and I loved it.  I did the same with my kids, and they loved it too.  Something so simple can bring us a thrill. Small children excel at getting excited over simple things…a baby with a blade of grass, kids on a bumpy road.

6A411041-BA6F-4EF6-9CEB-A86305DB3528Today I am celebrating the simple gifts… laughter,…smiles…tears of joy, crying when sad…arms to hug and lips to kiss…our taste buds…ears that hear a trickling creek…eyes that can see color…words that express…guardian angels…companionship… and the list goes on.

I am going to indulge and pause, at least once, in becoming delighted in something very simple…and feel gratitude.  Our Creator gave us the gift of delight, but it requires our participation….maybe I’ll take a drive, and find that hill.

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