Family Ties

When a baby is born, one of the first things we like to do, is determine who the child looks like.  He/she has mom’s nose, grandpa’s chin or Aunt Rose’s curly hair.  There are “looks” that identify a whole family or nationality…Irish freckles, red hair, mediterranean complexion.  We want to see similarities, and claim them as part of our own.  It is endearing to see a part of ourself or family, in our offspring.  

Connor Baptism cropped - Version 3

The irrevocable bond between Yahweh and the Jews is designated with circumcision.  I am your God you are my people, and this circumcision represents their Covenant.  God promised Abraham that his descendants would number the stars, thus this family of the circumcised. 

In circumcision the Hebrews made the mark.  In Baptism, our Father creates a mark, with His own hand and of His choosing. We are reborn, and once again made in His image; however now we carry the family seal, from the Father.  It is as if in Baptism, the Creator signs His work, with His indelible pen, and says, these are Mine, let no one forget that.

The seal that makes us one in Christ Jesus is a seal of refuge that protects us from satan.  The Sign of the Cross, our expression of our Baptism, causes satan to flee.  How could something so powerful, capable of thwarting evil, go unnoticed, by we who carry it.  Maybe we just have to turn inward, and ask God to reveal it to us, make it perceivable, to show us our internal freckles that say we are His. I wonder, what will we find there in the signature of the Omnipotent?  …and will finding it change us?


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