Whom Shall I Fear?


He was sitting alone in the night. No friends or family, they were all very faraway.  The illuminated images in front of him were bright and vivid, because the night was an intense darkness.  In the distance he could hear rapid gunfire, evidence of the war around him in Vietnam. Yet, none of these remnants of war were frightening him.  What was terrifying him this night was the Hollywood portrayal of satanic possession and exorcism on a movie screen. One may think, how could a fictional production cause more intense fear than war? 

Maybe because we know, in reality, death is temporal, and possession can be eternal. He knew that the movie was a different kind of battle, but every bit as real, as the distant sound of machine guns, and as close as an invitation from evil.

AAF933F5-5F8B-4811-8D00-0289875965D9So many people seem to really like Halloween.  I can appreciate the fun of dressing up, and having neighbors handing you candy, at the shout of “trick or treat”.  I think though, we have to be careful, where our thoughts go, and especially what our children are exposed to and learn; from our celebration of the macabre that can be elevated in movies, costumes and images.  There is an epic war happening in our midst, this war between what is holy and what is evil.

I think we need to pray for  wisdom, in our Halloween activities, and be careful what ideas we are exposing these little ones to. What are we teaching them about life after death, and do they understand Who the Victor is…He who has the power to give life, and take it away, for eternity.


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