I can see how faith in God, can have the appearance of foolishness.  Sitting in the pew this morning, I understood, how this can be seen as ridiculous.  Priests and alter servers parading around in ritualistic garb, ringing bells, worshiping a disc of unleavened bread, and cup of wine. Reading words from ancient authors, like nothing is new under the sun, since it’s writing.  Monogamy and denying carnal desires that are natural, and who cares with whom….to what purpose?  Confession, don’t get me started.  Ok most people can understand helping our fellow man, but this whole sacrifice thing?  One may think, how does self denial do anything?  It doesn’t make sense.   

I have to admit sometimes it seems all surreal to me also.  That is, until I remember, what I can’t deny …..Mystery.

2015 Regensburg, Germany - 079

There is so much mystery in our world. We are willing to give answers to things we don’t understand, and sell them as truth, rather than experience an almighty omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Father, who loves us without limits.  The Mystery has placed Himself, the Answer within us, and marked us as His own.  We have only to seek. Once we find Him, we become aware that He is bigger than our capacity of expression.   Then, everything we do that is “foolish” makes sense, more over it is not near enough an interpretation, of what happens inside of us, His beloved humanity.  We are inept artists, when trying to depict The Creator….toddlers using finger paints, trying to paint like Da Vinci ……and so, maybe it does look foolish.

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