Comfort Comfort O My People


As I read the readings for this week, I just kept hearing God speaking words of comfort.  Even the coming of Elijah / John the Baptist would have been words of great comfort to the Jewish people…this long awaited moment.  

I kept thinking of Peter’s denial.  Jesus knew of Peter’s denial, brought it to Peter’s mind, then said now go do what I told you to do…feed my sheep.  Through Peter’s declarations of love, he could reconcile his guilt. Jesus wouldn’t let Peter’s purpose be lost.  He was Rock, and the Church was to be built on rock. Jesus was not about to let evil prevail, in Peter, or through his denial.

Likewise, satan was not going to prevail in the garden.  Eve chose the tree of life, then lost life in her avarice. She would still bear life, but with the stain of her sin.  Mother Mary chose life, and gained salvation through her humility. Her fiat would erase Eve’s (original) sin, restore life, and gain life eternal, through her Son.461B6020-4D0F-48F7-8267-8529F96F161C

Our Creator always reaches out with compassion to his children….evidenced in the Old Testament.  Even though we have done nothing to merit it, He fixes our failures at being faithful.  He does not demand justice, but only contrite love.  The readings this week speak of His comfort.  They are words, as if spoken to a remorseful child, saying everything is going to be alright. I’ve paid for the window you’ve broken.  I’ve taken care of everything.


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