C4F46123-7DD8-44A2-A6AB-748D40428CC1Imminence is defined  “The state of being about to happen”.  When you link that thought with the Octave before Christmas, it can conjure up a mega dose of excitement… a child’s imagination… seeing family from afar… elaborate food… parties…Children’s Choirs…Midnight Mass…etc.

This Advent I have been more aware of how Our God may celebrate Advent and Christmas Day.  This day that Salvation is born for His beloved humanity.  We commemorate many things with national holidays, birthdays and Anniversaries.  We save our children’s baby hair, write down their first words, and photograph every milestone.  We want to celebrate and remember every positive aspect of our history and lives.

Now we are decorating, baking, gift buying, and planning for our celebrations for a Babe in a manger. In Heaven I think our God can’t think birth, without death and Resurrection. Christmas is the shot heard around the world; the cry, in the night perhaps that heralded God’s victory of salvation.  Can you imagine the heavenly vibe this octave before Christmas…Imminence

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