“A flower machine that makes flowers that let you fly.”

Throughout Mass, I saw her intently drawing pictures, as ideas popped into her head.  She offered her older, praying brother one, but he brushed her off, pushing her masterpiece away.  As I was kneeling there, I held my hand out to her disappointed little face, and nodded my head at her artwork.  As she understood that I would like her rejected creation so dutifully crafted, a big smile covered her 3-4 year old face.  She graced me with a picture, and then my face was smiling too.  We instantly became friends, connected through her gift to me.

I learned that she was very generous with her pictures, and their family’s home had drawings all over it.  She had so much to give, but what was new to me, was just one of many to those close to her.

This made me think. How much of God’s creation has become commonplace, and do I reject grace, because it is commonplace.  Born in the United States of America, I have always known freedom, shelter, food and water, and relative safety.  I have many gifts that I admittedly take for granted.  I wonder though if there are “pictures” that I’m missing, or quite possibly rejecting from God.  Am I pushing away grace, because I’m busy with something else…even something seemingly good?  Do I miss God’s little nudges, because pridefully I’m looking for something of my own design, or perhaps bigger?  Do I ask for Grace, but not accept or recognize what the Creator is holding out to me, because it’s simple? Am I a “Grace” snob?

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