I loved when my son was little and got up in the morning.  I could hear him stirring in bed, and I knew he was on his way…morning snuggles, sigh.  He’d get next to me in my bed, and as close as he possibly could.  He’d try to maneuver himself into position, but I knew better what he needed on a given morning than he did.  My arms would go around him,  and I would pull his legs into a loose fetal position, and he’d resign to my direction.  His whole body would go limp, his breathing slow, he’d hold onto me somewhere, and peaceful sleep was achieved. He is in the embrace of his mother, safety, love, bliss.

I wonder if God feels the same eagerness that I do, when He hears our  “tells”.  When we get on our knees, make the sign of the cross, or clear our minds to make room for Him.  Does He ready Himself to receive us, to anticipate our needs for that moment.  Ready to “reposition” us so that we can get what we need.  I wonder though, if I don’t sometimes resist His efforts with my own ideas, so as not to rest limply in the safety, love, and bliss of my Lord.

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