The Pieta

Pieta means, “pity” and is traditionally depicted by the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of her Son. Although there are many art forms that express the Pieta, the carving by Michelango is probably the best known. This image of Our Lady embracing the lifeless body of her Son is moving in so many ways.  This time, what was jumping out at me, were the two figures.  The created Images of God.  I have reflected on the new Adam and the new Eve, but this time it all sat with me differently.

Here before me is the restoration.  The Blessed Mother is sinless, and Jesus, wholly human, defeated satan himself.  In the Pieta, I find God’s vision of creation restored, carved into the Immaculate Conception and the Incarnate Savior. They are who God created humanity to be, within Himself.  Mary and Jesus are the two Fiats that destroyed the disobedience of the Adam and Eve.  God has restored us, to who we once were within Himself….a reality chiseled into the vision of the Pieta.  

The Pieta inspires me toward the image of God:  Purity’s (Mary’s) love for her God, for the Son she holds, and the sacrificial Love of God for our purity.  The peaceful look of a soul, who blindly trusts the lifeless body in her arms, to still be Savior.  She trusted God, even though in her arms would seem to be, an unsuccessful Messiah.  The Son, who became man, to walk this earth as we do, and show us how, even in death, in fact lying there, He had no breath within Him. 

The Pieta to me, though, is Hope.  Hope that we can be restored, by the lives of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ to the new Adam and new Eve….as we were created to be.  Children of hope, love and trust in the image of our Creator.  This is the image of God…male and female, as our Creator intended…sinless and worthy of life eternal with Him.  Restored!

The Pieta speaks this to me, through the inspiration and  artistry of a 24 year old man, who saw it in a piece of marble, and passionately gave it to me….and I am grateful for the help.

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