Jousting With Humility

There is a line from the movie “Camelot”, when Queen Guinevere asks Sir Lancelot, the “perfect” male, “Have you jousted with humility lately?”  Perfection can’t come without humility; Jesus showed us that. He is God, but became man.  The Christ hung on the cross a man, because our salvation needed Him to.  Our greatest example, Jesus, chose humility.  The Perfect, chose to joust with humility. 

Or, how about the Mother Of God, the forever Virgin Mary, the chosen and pure, giving her fiat to appear an unwed mother, then giving birth in a dirty stable. She knew herself without sin, but chose humility.

I have gifts and talents.  Humility isn’t denying them, no it’s being fully aware of them, and knowing that they are gifts….it’s knowledge of something bigger…it’s unattatchment to the glory from them….it’s the Perfect, the Omnipotent God hanging on a cross, because He could love outside of himself.  

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