To See What I Could See

I drove over a majestic green bridge, and it was exhilerating to see the view from its peak, and I was curious about what was on the other side.  The next day, I drove over the same bridge, but a fog had set in, and I couldn’t see very far out front.  I still went forward, since I was confident the bridge was still intact.

I think sometimes, that my spiritual journey is like that.  Sometimes my path is so clear, and I know what I should do next.  I go forward with confidence and fortitude.  Other times, I can’t see well.  I know God’s will is still there in the fog, but I will tell you that I go forward more freely on that man made bridge than I do in God’s Divine path.  How ridiculous is that?  Maybe the “fog” in my path is to teach me to trust that the Bridge is still there.  I can get frustrated and think what do I gain from blind trust?  Hmmmm, Peace.  Assurance.  Providence.

Not sure why, but I was drawn back to this foggy bridge again, with my camera on yet another day.  It was foggy once again….the air seemed like insulation and it seemed so peaceful.  There it was, in the fog, I found the blind trust, God’s will, in the Silence.

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