I’m Late, I’m Late…

Sitting in Adoration, I was ready to unload all of my prayer requests and inquiries regarding God’s Will.  I asked Him, what He wanted of me.  I really got the idea that what my Creator wanted of me right then was to shut up.  So I cleared my head, and sat.  I wasn’t looking for God’s voice and I wasn’t using mine.  It was a beautiful experience.  I was present to Him.I think our lives are so full of time constraints.  Our world revolves around time, and we have come to believe that to give someone our time is the ultimate gift.  Time for us is finite, and we only have so much of it, and from a certain standpoint it is a huge sacrafice for some.  Our Creator, however is not constrained by time.  In fact He is eternal.   The amazing thing is that He loves us so deeply that He wants an eternity with us.  God doesn’t need my time.  He wants my presence of mind, body and soul.  He knows my needs, and doesn’t need my grocery list of petitions all the time.  He wants to engage with my soul.  Intimacy with the Omnipresent God, because He wants me.  How cool is that?

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