One Issue Voters

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Many christians, who want to take the abortion issue out of voting will list the many other concerns that face us in the world today.  Social concerns about racism, immigration, gun control, the poor, education etc, are important, for sure, but do they tip the scales over a basic right to life.  This is the debate.  Those who think that the basic right to life, or pro life issues, outweigh every other issue, are considered “one issue voters”.  Of this, I have been labeled, but I beg to disagree.

I am not a one issue voter.  I do vote for pro-life candidates, because I can’t in good conscience, let my vote promote another death of a soul, unborn or born.  I would argue that abortion isn’t one issue.  We have become an abortion society.  It’s like the frog in a warm pot of water.  It will remain in the pot as the temperature increases, until it is cooked to death, because the change is so gradual that it doesn’t notice.  If you place a frog in hot water, it will immediately hop out.  If we knew how abortion would change our perspective of life in the womb in 1973, would we have been so complacent about the issue.

Conversations about gender and sexual preference have gone as far as having prepubescent children choosing their sexuality and adults discussing how pedophilia is a sexual preference.  Babies can be aborted up until birth, and there is talk about infanticide too.  How have we become a society that can’t see this, for the evil that spawns it.  Abortion is changing us, our moral compass, our souls, and it’s inviting us to turn a blind eye to it.  Abortion isn’t one issue, it is the means of evil that persuades us to ignore the God given right to life.  

Here is my litmus test.  If I have children suffering from every social problem there is, and one child is being put to death, and I have only you to help, and you must choose one situation.  Who do you think I would want you to help?  I would want you to save the life of the soul God created, and I think He would choose the same.

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