“Up Hill Both Ways In Two Feet Of Snow”

 It is a right of age, to be able to tell stories of hardship, from days gone by, to the younger generation.  I can remember my parents and grandparents relating to me events of their lives, the depression, losing the herd, outdoor …uuuh pluming, WWII, wringer washers etc.  I can remember my mother’s joy, when she got an automatic washing machine and dryer.  Life has its hardships for every generation.

My experience has been, when people look back, they do so, with an element of pride, about how they endured.  Sometimes, perhaps, even a bit of boasting about their ingenuity or fortitude to obstacles of life.  I guess my observation is that any misfortune is difficult in the moment, but there is much to be learned by it.  Perseverance alone, is a good skill to work on.  

People that I know, who have endured much, seem to have gained a lot of wisdom.  Their suffering, and what they learned from it, changed how they see things forever.  So, I don’t worry about my child “missing out”, because things aren’t the way they used to be. Instead, I try to help him find alternatives to what he used to do.  Trick or Treat will be different, socially distanced, to friends and family only, and safe, but aren’t we lucky to do it at all.  We talk about what is happening in our world, and how we still have it pretty good.  I teach him to accept it and move on, and not whine about what is lost.  I help him see the big picture, and don’t let him wallow in how unfair this is.  Because fair or unfair, it is his/our reality. We have to find the positive  and persevere, bearing it all in humility, and offer up these masks and our present limitations for the glory of God.

…When I was a kid, schools and everything closed, and we had to wear masks everywhere, but we did, and we appreciated the things we could do, and because of it, we learned…

Note:  Did you know that each part of a habit has prayers or sacrifices associated with it that are ever present to the sisters daily. 

Image: Thank you to the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration,  Canton Ohio

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