Run Silent Run Deep

There are things that I don’t put in writing, because it may not be charitable, to do so.  But, I do understand many pains, that people carry with them, hidden from the world around them.  My daughter hid her condition from her team, and was talked about for sitting out on practices.  What they didn’t know was that she had stress fractures, and would practice on them, until the pain got bad enough to stop her.  So many people struggle with pain, abuse, depression, or those little secrets they can’t tell.  If you are black, a woman, over weight, or handicapped, your struggle is obvious, and although noticed by some, your true suffering is probably not realized by most.  Even if we can find compassion for the the situation, a man will never know the discrimination that women endure, or a white person that of a black person.  

I can understand how one can be frustrated by the “Privilege” of white males.  I don’t think the answer to this “privilege” is to make them pay, or in turn, discriminate against them. Witnessing your children being demoralized by abuse or discrimination is a hard pill to swallow. Having been a victim of physical and verbal abuse, I know how hard it is, to reclaim the original version of me, given life by my Creator.  As a parent, I know the anger resultant, when my children have been changed, by the abuse of this world.  As a child of God, I know He wants to heal and repair me, and that Jesus too, knows this pain.  He feels our pain, and additionally, walked this earth as a man and God.  He knows what it is to be judged by appearance, when there is so much more inside.  He also knows how to remain authentic to Himself, despite the impressions or even oppression of others. 

I think approaching prayer and healing, to this Jesus, can help me.  I’ve not thought a lot about His lifetime, outside of the crucifixion, in regard to His daily experience of humility that was required.  He allowed Himself the oppression of being human, and the misconception that He was less than The Omnipotent God.  There is healing and strength to be found here, I am sure, even if unrealized at this moment.  As a start though, I know that I need to pray with this.

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