Fishing for…

EDDAB0A8-DE9C-4348-9BC0-97A911724101Fishing has always been something that I have enjoyed. Well I enjoy it as long as there is someone to take the fish off the hook.  It can be a long day on the water, if the fish aren’t biting, but if they are, it’s exhilarating!  Today boats are equipped with sonar that can locate fish, but without modern equipment it’s more of a challenge.  One must know the behaviors, the depth at which they inhabit, appetite etc of the fish you are seeking. The weather has to be correct,  not before a front, but after a rain, morning and evening are best,…  fishing entails a bit of luring, guesswork and patience. Even if everything is right, the fish may not be biting. 

St. Peter was a fishermen, so when he was called to be a fisher of men he knew what that meant.  He’d have known that building the church would have its challenges.  He would need to know, what we were hungry for, how we lived and human nature.  He would realize that reeling us in could be difficult, some of us would have teeth, to bite back, and some would get away. He would understand that he may not “catch” anyone all day.  Storms of life  may make us hungry or cause us to hide, and even if on the boat, we might still find a way to flee.

Bringing others to Christ can be hard.  Perhaps the biggest lesson Peter learned was that when Jesus told him to cast his nets into the sea, even though he hadn’t caught a thing; with Jesus’ guidance his full nets were breaking.  Most of us are not in a position to fill nets in large numbers, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can gather them one at a time.

Opening Doors

58A39C47-8D1E-4164-B12E-05643D602A6AIt’s fun, when you encounter a new place, a B&B, someone’s house, a church, a new establishment, to see what’s behind the door.  The decor seems to often reflect the destination. If in the mountains there are forest scenes and bears, out west, cacti, broncos, and southwestern art, and along oceans and lakes, beach and nautical themes. Even though the locations may be similar, each place has its expression, and one can get to know the owner a bit through the decor.

Even churches and cathedrals can tell you something about the place, people or period, whether gilded in gold and silver, carved in marble, or using stone from fields and prisons.  They can be simple, or have a cherished gift, the Tilma, Infant of Prague, Veronica’s Veil, or tomb of a treasured Saint.

I too choose things that say something about me.  My home is simple, and doesn’t follow the latest trends.    The walls tell you that I like color, and my decor likely has meaning behind it…items from someone I cherish, religious pieces that inspire me, or souvenirs that spark great memories.

Our Creator has been as selective  in each of us also.  He uses us to share Himself. What part of Him can we learn about, in each one of His human expressions?  We sit and contemplate nature and it’s beauty, and that is good, but do we scrutinize the creation in each other?  What part of God escapes us, in those who we deem uninteresting?  What part of creation are we missing, because we can’t get beyond flesh…whether attractive or unattractive, disabled, emotionally needy, ignorant, obnoxious, criminal, politically opposite, successful, unpopular, unwanted, impoverished etc? What part of the Creator are we blind to, in humanity, when we can’t “see” our neighbor?  Would we be pleasantly surprised to discover a hidden treasure in someone, if we were invited in, …to encounter…  To encounter the Creator.





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