Twists and Turned


I drove a few hours to visit my daughter, and support her in an event she was involved in.  I missed a turn, and thought, “I should just turn around, but instead I followed the car’s GPS, still thinking this will lead me back to the highway.  After a few minutes, as I started to wind around hills, and the roads became narrower, I realized my GPS had chosen an alternate, shall I say more “scenic”, route.  As sights like cow pastures, farm equipment, small towns became the view, I abandoned hope of a highway. My previous “fifteen minutes early” arrival time was now slowly inching toward ten minutes late.  I thought, you have two choices here.  You can be frustrated and angered, by your loss of time, for thinking about things weighing heavily on your mind that a leisurely highway trip would have facilitated, or you can relent, and see what this “road less traveled” can teach you.” 

Knowing the “right” decision, I relented.  That’s not to say that frustrated and angry didn’t make an appearance from time to time, and I was still pining for the possible highway at the next turn.

My first epiphany was that a deep red car was truly not for me.  My new car color was the correct one.  Hey, I know that this was not a life changing realization, but after following four  slooooooow red vehicles for half an hour, then having three more in a row come, from an opposite direction, in the middle of nowhere; I concluded that I personally would have tired of that color.  Ha, this is good, we were getting somewhere, progress.

It was a cloudy, sometimes rainy trip, but I did begin to appreciate the green landscape, farms and even the old half fallen barns, as I imagined exploring them as a kid.  It made me remember my dream of country life, as a young adult…the house we once built in a rural area, and how life has its twists and turns.  Small towns and sprawling countryside had me appreciating their simplicity, and made me long for that life I had dreamed of………an hour later….

Oh look, a highway, hooray!  I can make up some of this “lost” time.  Lost, really?, I had to rethink that.  Now what was that pressing burden, I wanted to ponder…  the burden that I just set down on that long and winding road  Oh, I’ll think about that on the way home. Look at the countryside.

God likes those twists and turns, for me at least.  Maybe the simple life isn’t a place, but a mindset, a choice.  I can make a whole lot of things complicated. I do have to address my burden, but maybe a caveat to simplicity will give me some clarity. 

On the way home…

“Yes highway all the way!…  why is the GPS taking me this way?… I think this is the wrong way… I should be on a highway soon…maybe that next turn… awe, what a nice farm…”squirrel”! ……..

Thank you Lord

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