Advent Week One: Hope

Advent One candle.jpgThis week, I’m sharing my son’s reflection on Advent.  I came home from Mass on Sunday, and he was sitting at the kitchen table coloring with purpose.  He was excited to tell me that he was making an Advent picture for each week, to put on the refrigerator.  The first week, “Hope”, was completed.  He had colored the entire page black, except for a large (white) triangle in the middle and white bubble letters that formed the word “Hope!”.  Inside the white triangle were a couple blobs of black.  He explained that this was an “abstract” picture of hope.  The black was the darkness in the world that is all around us, and the white represented the Trinity and Hope!.  The black blobs indicated that even when we have hope and the Trinity, sometimes bad things happen and we have to keep fighting for hope.

I thought, wow, he really has thought about this.  I was inspired by his active participation for this beautiful season, and how excited he was about it.  We have a picture for each week on the refrigerator, but we can only see the backs of them.  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to what they reveal, about a little boy’s vision of the anticipation and preparation for the Christ Child.  Hmmm, what is my vision?  Have I yet taken the time to really think about Advent, and what it has to draw me closer to God.

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