8C80CF60-B78B-4AA4-8089-6FE1E81098B5I was donating some cereal to our church food pantry for the less fortunate. My son says, “Why are you giving away Dad’s cereal?”  I told him it was the wrong kind, and I bought it by mistake.  It sort of felt like the inquisition of little Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch. He thinks a minute, and replies, “ I think that’s the right thing to do.  I think that’s what Father (our pastor) would do.”  I thought it odd that his moral compass would be a Priest, for what to do about a box of cereal, but I also thought it cool that he was discerning. 

Shepherding isn’t easy, whether as a parent or moral authority.  Children expect you to live what you teach them.  We should be examples for the lessons, morals and rules we teach our children.  I know that I make mistakes.  Sometimes I just go with my best guess, as to what is the right way to handle a situation. In hind site I may realize that how I handled something was wrong, and maybe even terribly wrong.  I can only do the best with what I know or have at the time.  I can’t judge the me of yesterday with the wisdom I’ve gained today, nor is it just, to do that to another. I am grateful that our Lord shared this wisdom with us, “ Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I think it’s good to always keep in mind that we are not infallible.  I cling to the mercy of God, And I hope that I can make room, in my heart and mind, for those clinging next to me. 

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